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I have collected fabrics for many years

It was my first passion and my first way of expressing my creativity

The real star of my Atelier is my fabric collection. Whilst keeping abreast with contemporary style, it also embraces the sense of textiles created by true craftspeople.


The fabric room is a kind of dialogue between cultures and traditions, without borders or constraints. The only rule is uniqueness. Each fabric is a ‘one off’ and will only ever be used for one unrivalled creation. Each corner of the room contains a range of materials. There are silks which have the aspect of flower gardens, intense taffeta that remind of tantalising glimpses of summer, soft velvets which smell like exotic spices. Whilst I tend to prefer bright colours I never forget black, the King of elegance. The tones are bright and vibrant, charging the atmosphere with joy, energy and magic. A feast for the eyes and a sensual pleasure to touch.

My style is a type of modern baroque in which every contrast of materials and colours is possible, where the classic and the contemporary combine seamlessly. Some materials surprise, sometimes they seem eccentric, and there are fabrics for every occasion: silk, chiffon, satin and georgette, precious organzas, brocades of many colours, velvet, damask, fine laces, wool, linen and cotton. Surfaces are decorated with jacquard, devorè embroidery and sequins. However my desire for new experiences always brings me to try something new, forging ahead in the printing of custom fabrics that evoke memories of travel or new daily discoveries.


By revisiting traditional materials and placing them within the collection refined and extravagant fabrics, all of which display a purely feminine taste, I have found the expression of a new Chic! It expresses the aspirations of the modern woman, sophisticated and witty, full of character, always discovering new ways to interpret herself and her unique sense of style. Fashion, elegance, grace and glamour merge into a modern lifestyle.

The workshop also produces garments to order by placing at your disposal this unique collection of fabrics, an individual design service and craftsman tailoring.

Discover some of the many fabrics available.

Tessuti Paola Vanacore Made in Italy Moda Donna