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Prêt à Couture

How did your passion for fabrics and fashion first come about?


It was born by my following a strong instinct, my attraction for fabric. In fact I think of myself as a collector of fine fabrics before being a creator of fashion. It comes from a deep passion which is always within me. Despite the fact that my training was in science and I pursued a scientific profession I always remained fascinated by the differences in cultural and social communication. Fabrics, with their many and varied patterns and colors, encompass a distinctive and fascinating cultural element which always evokes strong emotions in me. Some fabrics are true works of art. So from fabric to fashion the jump was obvious. Fashion is a powerful medium of expression and communication. Fashion is art, the art of dressing with ones own true emotions. A declaration of ones own true style.

Did you have a muse?


Yes! My muse was the genius of Yves Saint Laurent. His work beguiled my imagination during a big event in San Francisco which showcased the wonderful creative universe of the great designer. The sight of his designs struck a chord in my heart, initiating a type of puzzle within my emotions and revealing a future creative project. Later I lived for several years in the East, a key part of my life on the path to deepening my knowledge of a cultural heritage which is as different as it is interesting. The numerous multi-ethnic cross-references were so inspiring. I encountered what seemed like many types of spontaneous fashion catwalks where elegance and femininity could come together in the room of a party, as it would also in the crowded lanes of a market. Vastly diverse palettes of colours, fabrics and silhouettes were assimilated, and these are still stimulated in my memory. The ideas would be recovered in the future, and now they have become reality.

Is there a favorite fabric in your collection?


My collection is vast and includes all types of fabrics in all their possible variants. Brocade attracts me particularly because it is a true work of weaving in which warp and weft are interwoven combining fine and shiny materials in several layers. In my opinion, it is the King of fabrics.

What fabrics you prefer to use for your creations?


Is it too much for me to say all of them? Each fabric is a world unto itself, providing long lasting precise creations. You have to touch, to understand, to explore. Every fabric talks to you and tells you what it wants to become. I enjoy looking and figuring out what to create, following its structure and its softness, its colors and its patterns, to sense its individual nature. In fact every fabric I see immediately inspires a certain dress, even if I just see it on a store shelf. One look, one touch and I already know what will become. It’s our synergy!

When did you first think about starting a career in fashion?


About 10 years ago, when the collection had, over time, become quite refined, inspiring me with the ambition to start a creative project. The School of Fashion and some Atelier experience helped me from a technical point of view and I learned how to put together my own collection of dresses. From the first selection of materials, through to the design and its tailoring I have always personally followed the construction of the garments, linking my story to Italian craftsmanship. I chose a true Roman tailor, a real traditional craftsperson, to perform the work, and paid great attention to the details. In 2012 my first collection was born. The desire to create unique clothing, access to the type of sartorial craftsmanship which can be found in Italy and the use of very particular fabrics fused with my creative development, expressing beauty through the language of fashion.

What woman do you aim towards?


I turn to the woman who loves to dress her own character declaring her individual style. She’s sophisticated and contemporary, a curious woman, a dynamic dreamer who expresses herself with elegance and personality with a glance towards the exotic. My creations are not dedicated to a particular age or physical nature, because every woman can find her perfect dress in my Atelier. Whether it be a long, sophisticated dress or something mini and witty. It could be a caftan, palazzo pants or outerwear. It might be a dress to wear to an important occasion or for more informal moments, but it will always be unique. Each garment is like an ideal journey in which the joy of its colours and the richness of its textures add to the magic. I don’t like to follow trends, but my creations often encounter a contemporary trend nevertheless. I set myself free to be inspired by the emotion of a given moment which brings me to my magical collection of fabrics where I am driven to choose the piece which will best interpret the idea.



Because my idea to create clothes was born alongside the desire that they would be unique garments dedicated to each individual woman. I believe that the new concept of ‘High Prêt a Porter’ is developing extraordinary strength thanks mainly to the need to find individuality within these times of immense globalization. High fashion couture is accessible to just a few, while Prêt a Porter has become too commercial. We must return to the quality of local craft tradition, while maintaining affordable costs.

I bought some of your clothes, and every time I wear them I feel unique and special. Are all your creations unique pieces?


My idea of Prêt à Couture is a considerable and distinctive feature because each fabric is unique, used as it is for only one creation that will never be matched or rivaled. That’s partly what makes you feel really special. It’s your dress. And as it happened with you, in my Atelier you can come across a fabric which appeals to you in a unique way. Its selection, customization and the ability to even further embellish with embroidery all allow me to respond more fully to the needs of the customer, inviting her to come in and look around in my magical world of colours, textures and styles.

Do you have a slogan for your brand?


Without a doubt: It’s “YOU ARE UNIQUE. SHOW IT”!